Lawn Mower & Lawn Care Tips

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

How to Choose the Right Lawn MowerMaybe you live in a apartment, or even better a big city, whatever your excuse may be it’s about time you start to think about lawn mowers. Keeping a lawn in shape can not only benefit the look of your yard, it can also keep you healthy, and save you money. Lawn mowers are becoming... Read More »

Cordless Lawn Mowers

Cordless Lawn MowersHave you got any question on cordless lawn mowers? Just read this article and you will learn the bases of these new innovative lawnmowers. Most cordless electric lawnmowers have ups and downs on the mowers market. It is due to these specific lawn mowers have experienced so many breakdowns in the last years. Customers are... Read More »

General Lawn Maintenance Tips

General Lawn Maintenance TipsSo you have owned your property for a number of years now and just realized you have a garden out there to attend to. It is never too late to start caring for your lawn, but attention must be given if you want to be successful. Lawn care is not just about feeding nutrients, watering... Read More »

Lawn Care

Lawn CareIf you didn’t have a health lawn last summer, you lawn care practices might be at the root of the problem. Actually, a healthy lawn needs very little care and quite often learning what lawn care tips not to try is the best advice you can get. Don’t over water. A healthy lawn needs about... Read More »

How to Choosing The Grass For Your Lawn Wisely

How to Choosing The Grass For Your Lawn WiselyAll yards are not the same: Choosing your grass wisely. First of all, you should determine what your ideal yard will look like, as grasses can vary in color, leaf-width, characteristic and growth density. Each little blade adds up! Second, you must consider how much time and money you really are ready to spend on... Read More »

What to Do in the Fall to Help Keep Your Lawn Health

What to Do in the Fall to Help Keep Your Lawn HealthIn the spring and summer months we need to water and mow our lawns fairly often. During the hot summer months the summer sun can scorch your lawn and there may also be a lot of foot traffic that compacts the soil. We wanted to give you some tips for fall lawn care because autumn... Read More »

How To Choose The Best Strain Of Grass For Your Lawn

How To Choose The Best Strain Of Grass For Your LawnWhile finding the right shrubs and flowers is important for accenting your property, the grass is obviously the foundation on which the rest of your landscaping relies on. That’s why planting the best type of grass is so important. There are far more types of grass available than most people realize, and each one is... Read More »

Earth Friendly Lawn Care

Earth Friendly Lawn CareSTOP TREATING YOUR SOIL LIKE DIRT! You laugh, but really, we do! Naturally, our soils are FULL of good microbes, worms… a cast of thousands…yet we have decided that we can have immediate results by applying all sorts of quick-acting products on our lawns to get it to do just what we want, when we... Read More »

A Guide to Landscape Design Tools

A Guide to Landscape Design ToolsLandscape designing is a form of art. Since it is said to be an art, there is a must that the steps must be done accurately and precisely so that beauty would be achieved in the end. Landscape design tools are essential needs when doing landscape designs. Moreover, there is the dire need to only... Read More »